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Our Asoebi Concierge is a Canada based asoebi service dedicated to making your occasion a bit more hassle-free. We provide you outstanding  services through our detailed and tailored client-focused approach. We source, sell and deliver asoebi fabrics and more to you and/or  your friends and  guests. We provide fabric options that meet your needs, handle guest payments and delivery. Not interested in Asoebi but need fabric and other items for your event, we got you here.

We enjoy taking the work and hassle off you, while giving you more time to do you.


How it Works

Book your phone or virtual consultation with us. Make your request and we setup your own "Kollection", based on your request.

Next your family, friends and guest  make their purchase...

...they receive their purchase and everyone is happy!

Tip: add your kollection to your invite or wedding website. 

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